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This shit works like a champion. I just got a big belt and rib piece done and it worked like a charm. 100% recommended.

Awesome carts

Smooth, consistent hit everytime. Super easy to use in my Bishop.

Everything was awesome!

I had to have these shipped 2day air and they came exactly the time and day they said. Great product. Saved my week.


As advertised

Over the top Service

You guys are the best of the best! I have not seen another company go beyond the level of customer service you do. Giving these items away has made me a loyal customer forever and I will be getting all my supplies from you. Thank you for supporting the struggling tattoo artists with top notch items and I look forward to future purchases and customer service from you.

Life back saver

So very untattoo related (bought this for my stand up desk for remote work) but omg this stool is perfection. No joke I tried five different chairs before this- all pricey and touting to be “ergonomic” but I had the worst back pain sitting in them all 12+ hours a day. I have a neck injury and had trouble sitting straight. Something about this stool MAKES me sit straight up. But somehow that effort isn’t exhausting in this chair like it was in others. I don’t have to focus on my posture I just sit properly in this. No back pain at all since using this. Literally in tears cause this saved me! I love it so much I feel like I need to order two more just in case.

Great products fast turnover with shipping very pleased will shop again soon.

Wireless Cheyenne Pen

Used the Cheyenne pen since it came out. Used it with power supplies and batteries. This is much cleaner and works just as good if not better. Love it.

Cosco Green Soap
Marie Neergaard
Perez lab.

It worked good. Thanks

Best Compact Power Supply !

One of the best overall compact power supply ive ever used , I had a small hiccup with shipping but the Needle Parlor were so helpful I will will be definitely ordering from this company again. the products are on point as well as the customer service very helpful and intuitive.

Awesome experience super products

Thank you for selling carts at a huge discount for practice. They have came in super handy for our apprentice

Can’t beat free!

These needles are great! I didn’t know if it was legit or not to get free cartridges even those they are expired they are perfect for fake skin tats I’ve used a ton of good needles on. It says packs of 50 cartridges in the add but they are packs of 20 So if you get the 15 pack limit you’ll get 15 packs of 20 cartridges. Thanks for the needles definitely worth paying for shipping to get them.

Thanks for catching the error, Nicholas! It's the Sovereign Needles on Bar boxes that come with 50 needles, while the Sovereign Cartridges come with 20 in the box. We've updated the description on the page. Cheers!

Life saver!!!

As long as you use it exactly how the instructions state, it works! I ordered this for laser hair removal. I was skeptical but I went off the reviews. After my first session of laser hair removal I was dying to try some kind of over the counter lidocaine. I went ahead and ordered the bottles and I am so glad I did!!! I was so nervous that it wasn't going to work but it did. I didn't feel the laser at all! Now that I can confide in this product then I can calmly continue the rest of my laser treatments.

SS grip

Great quality but too heavy for me to use with my carpol tunnel.

Great liner tip.

Fits a 3 liner needle perfectly

Didn't work

Was hopeful....followed directions...didn't work.

So comfy! I’m actually a hairstylists and this has SAVED my body!

Best decision ever! The backrest is a game changer and the swivel rotation is so smooth, saddle is comfy and wheels are smooth. 10/10 recommend

Great needle!

Hands down my favorite liners. Very consistent and the ink flow is great!


Only spots of my back got numb . And after 5 minutes of starting my tattoo the spots that were numb went away and all I felt was pain . Almost like it intensified the pain. Waste of money for me.

As Expected (In a good way)

As some of the reviews have mentioned, the chair arrived with some sharp edges, scratches on the metal, and plastic screwed in between the wheels for packaging security.

Despite this, I am pleased with my purchase! This is my new office chair and I needed something simple and affordable. I like it! It’s comfy and portable. Great for a student post-undergrad like myself. I will crochet over the sharp edges. Hopefully that will save me from getting poked!

Numbing cream

It is MAGIC . , i put in on an hour before my tattoo and i didnt feel anything , i did feel on one spot but i think we just didnt get that part covered . i recommend it 100%

Was late

It did not arrive on time for me to use it on this Tattoo however I will definitely use it on the next .

Easy peasy Lemmon squeezy

Fast process, fast shipping. Perfect

Sovereign Needles on bar review

Gone thru about 150 needles so far. They have been very consistent, and have stayed sharp throughout 3 or so hours of tattooing. Very satisfied with the quality and especially satisfied with the customer service.