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It works!

I recommend this spray 100 percent! It works instantly. If you use the cream first and then feel discomfort as soon as you spray it in broken skin it works instantly.

Worth it!!

If you are wondering if you should buy the cream DO IT! It works a little too well hahaha honestly tho! You don't feel a thing, just follow the instructions and be generous with the about you put on.


I really appreciate this program. I ordered a variety of styles to practice with and I’m so excited. They were out of one of the styles I requested and I received a very kind phone call and a suggestion for a replacement.

Love the weight on it, it makes my machine feel 100 x better

Saddle Stools

Stools are great and were simple to put together. Shipping was fast with and products were at a great price

Magic pure magic

I've tried different numbing cream and most wear off relatively soon. With this spray it numbed my whole leg more then the cream. It kept it comfortable for me through a 7 hour leg tattoo and I couldn't be more happy. Definitively recommended


This is the best numbing cream ever. I will never get another tattoo without it.

Super Disappointed

My normal cream was out of stock. So I ordered this one. Lasted about 1 hour-ish. Typically my cream lasts 3 hours. I won’t order again.

coolest tattoo chair

super high quality chair super sick blacked out metal parts

Very happy

My daughter got a tattoo on the front of her knee. which is a very sensitive spot and she said it was amazing.

Did not work for me at all

I applied it to my inner thigh and my knee. I waited 40 mins to an hour and then began tattooing. I was numb in some areas but it did not last at all, maybe I got 30 mins at most. Wish it would’ve lasted because it is really expensive. Very disssapointed.

Thanks for the feedback, Maximiliano! In our experience, the cream works best when used following the manufacturer's instructions. That means applying it on thick (2mm), and leaving it on, wrapped for 90 minutes. These steps will help the cream be absorbed more efficiently into your skin and numb you more effectively. Spreading the cream on too thin, or leaving it on for too short of a period will both affect its efficacy. For full instructions: https://www.tattoonumbingcream.com/en-au/pages/directions-of-use

Please contact us directly for more help in this matter! Thanks again!


I slept through getting my kneecap tattooed

Amazing stuff

I bought the stuff for my husband’s upcoming tattoo. Our tattoo artist recommended us buying it. We followed the directions exactly. His tattoo was about 2 1/2 hours long. He sat thru the whole tattoo and didn’t feel anything other than the vibration from the tattoo gun. He said it was the best tattoo he ever had before, completely pain free!!I ordered some more for my upcoming tattoo because my last one was super painful! I don’t want that anymore, I want pain free tattoos. So I am looking forward to getting my next tattoo!! This product is amazing!!

Perfect in every way!

Outstanding shipping! Thank you so much for shipping my green soap so quickly, I use it daily! Brilliantly easy online ordering, perfect quality quick shipping no complaints whatsoever!

Top notch

Is the only ink i have bought fos someone as a gift n they love it

5 stars

Amazing cartridges from Cheyenne! Really gets the ink flow going then scattered around.
If the 10 set of cartridges are good! Image the rest that can improve others work flow way more better!


I kept it on for longer than an hour and I felt everything on my calve. There was only a section where I didn’t feel anything until I did… and it was painful! Would I try it again no! Was very disappointed in the product. :(

Solid Studio Chair

Bought it for my music studio, solid wheels run well along carpet. Hydraulic height adjustment similarly solid. Great shape and support of my lower back. Spilled coffee on the fabric, and after a clean it still looks brand new.

Not sure just yet

I tried using my critical battery pack with a bishop wand packer , I’m not sure if the tattoo pen has issues is the critical battery , it wasn’t giving enough juice between the two to push the needles and the battery pack was charged , so I’m just waiting to hear back from bishop to see if it was a problem on their end , other than that the light is very dim and I can’t see my voltage on the machine .

Fast shipping

Been a customer at The Needle parlor over a year now alway in stock with the items I need .. fast shipping .. great customer service love their Band of cartridge needles 053rl /063rl and 083rl. 👍

Excellent chairs.

am a physician with a bad low back and these fit the bill well made and shipped Fast. Would definitely do business again. Thank you!

best thing ever!! felt no pain at all


I can tell my back is a lot better with this chair! it's worth it!

Perfect upgrade grip!

I got this grip to get a more weighted, and larger grip to use with my Hawk Pen Unio. The weight and build quality is great! Really transforms the Hawk Unio! Can’t wait to get the Sol Nova V2 and use this grip with it!! Fast shipping and great communication with delivery! Really appreciate Needle Parlors account log in system! Thanks Needle Parlor!

Great deal!

These gloves are a great deal and are a great product. I’ve used many different brands and these are the best bang for your buck.