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Cheyenne allowed me to use the Sol Nova at a tattoo convention and I fell in love with it. I’m use to working with Bishops and FX Irons, but the stroke and weight of the Nova is unlike any other.

Best Ever!!

I have order many times, and have always been pleased! These gloves are by far the best!! I was beyond happy to learn that they were back in stock. As long as they're in stock, I will continue to order!!

Thank you for a great product, and fast delivery!!


grate customer attention very good product ,fast shipping I’m very happy with it..thanks


Your needles are the best

This machine is a beast. It runs every cart flawlessly that I’ve tried from 3rl to 18rl. Smooth shading great color packing and it’s even helping me speed my line work up. Hands down best machine I’ve ever used, I would highly recommend

Theee Best!!

This cream really works. I ordered 4 more just to finish a sleeve I started. I wouldnt down spend my money on any thing else!!


I ordered the fkiron lightning bolt battery. I used it with my spektra edge x from fkiron and it worked beautifully. The balance of my machine was perfect. The power it provided exceeded my expectations. It was super easy to use, very efficient when it comes to changing voltage. I am super satisfied with this product, thank you.

I love this tattoo machine so far!

I love this tattoo machine so far! FK Irons put a lot of quality in all there machines and this one has become a favorite of mine.

Works well

Took me a few tries to get the stencil to transfer but after awhile and applying more pressure the stencils went on clearly. Good buy

I use this green soap to disinfect countertops and for body wash I found I’m heather than before not using the soap

excellent and feel clean after.

Good company

Good prices and delivers pretty quickly all around glad I found this company 🙏

Great batteries

Long lasting consistency!


This stuff REALLY WORKS! I was shocked! Doing the line work I could feel it a bit, but then added more right before the color and shading and then I litterly couldn't feel the needle at all! Love this! Now I can finally go get my ribs finished

Hm black widow shader

Awesome machine. It does perfect black and grey. Very smooth

excellent product.

I purchased 2 stools, 1 for hobby desk and 1 for shop, delivered exceptionally fast. I am a large man, but they are strong and comfortable and great quality, well worth the low price. Hold up well, when tested by my 5 grandchildren on daily bases.

curved mags

I like your needles. I would like to try some 5 round tight liners and some 7 round liners and shaders.

Comfortable and made to be used

Really enjoying the chair. It’s an excellent stool to practice guitar, and keep around the work shop bench, lightweight enough to move around but feels strong. Great product and delivered as ordered.

Updated review

Having had this chair for over a year now, I still love the chair, however I've had the time now to find the hiccups. 1. The welding on the bottom section is basically tack welded and I had to take it to a welder to make it sturdier as a couple welds fractured from normal use and cocked the wheels making the chair uneven when the welds fractured. 2. the wheels are crap for hard wood and a few other surfaces. Had to replace them with some good non-marring rubber wheels similar to those on inline skates which ran an extra $30. as I said i still love this chair for tattooing in but the welds are a big deal if you want to have the chair around for years to come. and upgraded wheels would be a plus to ensure no damages and expensive repairs to various flooring you may be using the chair on. photos below

This cream really works. It's amazing. I love it

Works wonderfully

It works wonderfully!! I love it. My boyfriend has problems with pain and this stuff let's me do a full section without him stoping every minute.


Got this for my old man and we love it especially this company


I love this chair! I used it for one full week of work at my desk job and had zero back pain, when normally my lower back would be pretty sore by Friday! It looks pretty too. Also I live in LA and it arrived the next day!!!!

Amazing unbelievable

I put it on and left it on a lil while longer than I was suppose to but when I tell u I felt nothing while I was getting tatted worked amazing I can’t believe it


Works great, does it's job ! 👍