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Works Great

I have used this product several times and it has worked well. People should remember that once the numbness wears off and they’re still being tattooed the pain will be intense. However this product worked for me. I was able to complete my detailed sleeve work. I read some reviews saying their numbness wore off within 10 minutes, that depends on the individual and how their body responds to the product. My numbness lasted for almost 3 hours

At the Jewelers Bench …

Exactly what the studio needed. Aesthetically pleasing, sturdy and comfortable. The adjustable height is also ideal and goes lower than quite a few of the standard models. Note: the seat is firm without much give so if you’re looking for a softer cushion, this may not be for you. Speedy shipping. Comes in three pieces (no instructions) but self explanatory and together in less than a minute or two.

Not what I needed.

I ordered a Standard #12 (0.35mm) Medium Taper / 07 Liner Med. Taper / E-MC07-L35M-20 and they turn out to be Open liners which was not specified anywhere. Not even in the box. Please guys you need to specify this.

Hi Giordano! The Cheyenne Open Liners can be found separately here on our webstore: https://theneedleparlor.com/products/cheyenne-safety-open-liners

We've sent you an email to get any issue that may have occurred on our end resolved for you.

Thanks again for the feedback!

My second time using it and it did the job

Durable Saddle Swivel Stool with Backrest
Genevieve Doublegeminitattoo
SO comfortable

I have “dancer body”, so a lot of hip and knee and back issues. The flat stools I used at school were mega uncomfortable, so I did a lot of research to see what others liked. The general consensus was find a saddle-style stool.

I was concerned that being a woman and using a saddle style would be uncomfortable but I was wrong. If anything it’s so much better. My legs naturally open/turn out, so this stool was perfect for me. I’ve made several of my friends sit on the stool to brag about how comfy it is.

Assembly was very easy, basically just push together 3 parts. Wide range of heights, its awesome to have a variety of options. Price is ultra reasonable for what you are getting, shipped right to my studio without a hitch. Get this one!

This stuff just works!

Our studio calls this stuff "b!tch-be-gone". It makes your skin feel like Tyrone Biggums' face, only number. Make sure to ask clients if they are allergic to lidocaine or epinephrine.

Wanted it to work...

This chair did not work for me. My 3 lower disc are bulged and I have sacrialitis. I needed something that could help me sit for an hour at a time. I was really hopeful this chair would work for me but seems to flare my sacrialitis. Very nice quality and easy to assemble. The chair looks nice wish it could have worked.

Solid to very end

Works super fast and it lasts 2-3 hours. It withstood white highlights at the end!


Curved mag cartridges are solid.

I use a direct drive rotary, so some of these carts ride funny. Not these. I use em for packing & they do just fine, with minimal trauma. Solid products

Great product!

This stuff really works once you get the skin open. I've had clients say they'd pay more just to use it. Definitely recommend

Always a great product.

This product is the standard and is always top notch. The affordability that The Needle Parlor offers is the best price around and with free local pickup available you can't go wrong with purchasing from there company.

Grandma Approved

Took my 76 year old grandma to get her first tattoo. She was nervous about the pain, so I got this to help. She said it's like magic! She didn't feel any pain and is even thinking about getting another tattoo with all the grandkids!

Numbing creme is amazing

I purchased this numbing creme after my first sitting of my tattoo that was more painful than any of my other 15 tattoos. This creme works amazingly. I sat for 4 hrs and at 3 and half hrs I started to feel a little bit.

Absolutely wonderful

I use the drape sheets on my massage table when I'm doing energy work at metaphysical events. They are perfect as I can quickly change them between clients. Everyone gets a clean place to lay on and I'm not having to wash a lot of cloth sheets. I love them!

Love it

Had this for my thigh tattoo I didn’t feel nothing at all truly amazing product.

Needle Review

What separates this needles from others is the quality of the steel. It’s very well made not flimsy. High quality for an affordable needle!

works phenomenal

Sharps Containers
Peyton Epperson
Exactly What I Needed

This item is perfect and exactly as advertised!

Cheyenne Sol Terra
Osbaldo Garcia
One of my favorite machines

Now I have both the cheyenne Luna and the sol and I love them Luna is super smooth for shading and the sol I buy from you guys is super good for lining and packing also super smooth and no vibration at all…you guys are the best store for any tattoo supplies…thank you so much …


I have to say it works for a good 2 hours MAX.. I got a sternum piece recently and it was numbed for a good 2 hours and it was a 3 hour piece. Definitely would get again. Make sure to use properly!

New Cheyenne Craft Cartridges

The top low end of Cheyenne better than the knock offs, does the job well for small work less than 4 hours will do well with it’s new transparent body can easily clean and change color work in one session.

Sovereign clear disposable tips

These tips are transparent and visible to see when changing out colors. I like them!


Well I'll be. I've been searching everywhere for a good seat to use at my metalsmith bench that fit my needs, so glad one of my fellow smithies tried this out and I stumbled upon their review. It does take a little getting used to to sit bicycle-seat style, but this is an amazingly well made stool, especially for the low price. Sits my short a** up high enough to work comfortably at my bench, rolls well and takes up only a tiny bit of space. Love it!