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Awesome Tool!!

After looking around for a local supplier I stumbled upon this wonderful company, The Needle Parlor! I love FK Iron Machines so I went ahead and got this adapter for my Flux Max just incase my batteries ever bit the dust. Never know, ya know? So yeah, love the purchase, the product is amazing. It works as expected and it arrived very quickly which is always appreciated from a consumer standpoint. Thank you guys. You definitely scored a customer for life.


I’ve used this twice on my leg sleeve and wont be recommending to anyone, numbed the area yet once it was tattooed over the numbness wore off. Used two tubes on my calf and it did nothing, left it for two hours to try to see if it had any difference from the first time I used it, yet had the same results along with swelling up my leg. Never had this happen with any other numbing cream, very disappointed.


It was my first time using numbing cream getting a tattoo. I used it on my sternum. Application was a little messy but I assumed it would be. Had a little bit of tingling sensation just for a second while it was sitting under the cling wrap. When it got to tattooing I didn’t even know when he started, it was like nothing was happening!! Worked so well I was so surprised. It was a 3.5 hr session and was entirely pain free. Totally recommend!!

Reliable and sharp every time

You won’t find a needle close to this quality for less than double what they charge. Reliable and sharp every time and the customer service has been great

This stuff is amazing!!!!!!

Never in my life have I used a numbing cream for a tattoo however I knew my recent elbow tat was going to be a little spicy so I used this stuff!! I didn’t feel a thinnngggg! Best tattoo experience ever and I will never use any other numbing cream ever!! Buy this!

Great quality & price!

This stool really has it all - looks great (and not ugly/utilitarian like so many shop stools), good quality, comfortable, and super affordable! Assembly was super simple, although I will say the paper they used to wrap the wheels got stuck in some of the casters. I use this at my drafting table while painting and drawing. So glad I came across this site!

It works but only a couple hours

It works so well I got a full neck piece done and for the first 3 and half hours I was completely numb after the 3 hour mark you start to feel it again and once the feeling comes back it comes back painful

Works great

Thermal carrier sheets

The only clear ones we can find, in 14" length! Perfect for the German Imagers!


I’m a tattoo artist and have never used a numbing cream but a coworker recommended this and I can say It definitely works ! I followed the directions and was consistently tattooed for three hours and it worked wonders will definitely use again !!❤️

It works....

I've used it twice so far. This second time, my artist ran about an hour late on another client. After about 1.5 hours, I had to tap out because it started wearing off. It burns a bit when you first put it on (not sure if my skin still wasn't healed but it happened both times). I'm using it again for this last session. I just wish the bottles were bigger or in different packaging. I'm not a fan of these little tubes.


1st hour was good , other 3 were horrible , would’nt buy again.

Great quality

Ordered this as a gift for my bf. He loved it! Sturdy and well made. Also 5 stars for the customer service!

Love them!! Very consistent product

Great aftercare for clients

My clients love these, they sell like hotcakes in the shop. Very few people ever seem to have allergies with it, and I’ve noticed fewer tattoo pimples too. If you have clients that treat aquaphor like a thick winter coat then this might be a better option to recommend!

As promised

My order was for nitrile gloves. The product was as described and shipping and packaging were good.

Not Bad

My review is tough to make, because my tattoo artist was late to my appointment and then took so long to put the stencil on that the cream didn't last long for me. However, I kept track of the time, and the area was definitely numb for around the 3 hours. He only made it to the corner of my chest and one of my collar bones until it wore off, but I either did not feel a thing, or it was much less pain than usual.

I could tell the parts where my application wasn't as consistently thick. The pain would go from non-existent to slight, to "oh I missed right there apparently." I think I wouldn't try this for a big piece again, because it wore off in 3 hours, and my tattoo was 6 hours long. I ended up waisting most of the tube due to the artist taking awhile to get started. But, I would definitely recommend this for smaller pieces, and I will definitely buy some for my next finger tattoos!!

This stuff really works

I followed the directions on the box and I felt NOTHING for the first 30-40 minutes of my hour long tattoo on the back of my arm. I felt a little at the end, but it was still much better than with nothing. My only suggestion is to put more numbing cream on than you think you need.

Stencil inkjet kit

Works awesome


This is the best numbing cream I buy some from Amazon they do not work this thing here last a good 3-4 hours this is my 5 time using it and it gets you right if you hate pain like myself


I did alot of research, and I just got lucky to to pick the brand,it's the TRUTH!. It works great for at least 2-3 hours forsure.

Great needles

Great needles at a great price

Love it!

I replaced the wheels with gamer chair wheels and it moved around a lot easier! The chair itself is such a game changer! Very comfy

Simply put. It's fantastic!

3 hours on the ribs and didn't feel a thing except for the couple spots that didn't get the cream. (Was guessing on how big the tattoo was going to be)

Much better than crunchy paper!

Love these table covers. They are soft and help to protect my table and my patients. Thank you!