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Works great on head

I got each side of my head done did the first side with out the cream and that was hell but went back for the other side and used the cream I had to ask if he was tattooing me I love it and will buy more for those horrible areas so if you don’t like getting tattooed this is the cream for you

Amazing Product

This product does exactly what it says. I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly. Best money spent it was recommended to me, i am recommending this cream!!!

It works!

Follow the directions and you’re golden. This actually works :) lasted me up to at least 6 hours

Really works

This numbing cream works real good. Didn’t numb every area but 85% of the tattoo I didn’t feel. This is a life saver.


I recently ordered the curved magnum needles. It made me remember how beautiful a black and Grey piece can be when using them! Needle quality is on point and the sovereign needles on bar is all I use now. Buy some and you will see the difference!

The liners

Awesome quality, beautiful performance as well as packaging! Its the only needles I use now🤘

Mag carts

I use a bishop wand and it constantly blows out the cartridge. I’m having to use multiple carts per tattoo because the springs go out.


Used product. Sat through 4 hour session on back and side. No breaks. I was still numb when I left. Amazing product!!!!

Only used 4 of the 8 tubes I purchased.

Quality control isn’t great. The 4 I used were awesome. The other tubes that were opened were a dark brown color so they were thrown away. I recommend looking for a product with better quality control.

Holy numbness

I’m so freaking happy happy this product I never leave reviews and I just knew I had to.! I went to get my leg done and I want something to take the edge off and not did this do the trick it lasted about 4 hours and even after it started to wear ouff it still took the edge off I will be buying more and forever getting my tattoo this way.! My artist was thrilled I sat so still.!


Used this cream yesterday for a tattoo. Completely painless!!

Numbing Cream

Really awesome product. The only thing I felt while tattooing my back was the vibration.

Excellent product

And super quick delivery, thanks

Sharps Containers
sonia dupuis
these containers are great

Does everything I need it to. I mean, it's a sharps container. Def buy for all your sharps needs.

Excellent Product

This was absolutely excellent. I felt nothing the first half of my session and subsequently less sting the second half of a 5 hour sitting.

Awesome stuff and fast delivery

First thanks to the guys of The NeedleParlor for the excellent work putting in the customers out there!
I got the Critical AtomX-R Power Supply and it’s just amazing little machine compact and the color lights telling the voltage are just beautiful working perfectly for my daily work

Love it. ! I didn’t feel a thing.Follow the directions as it states. My arm was numb for 6 hours. Will most definitely order more !

Chef’s kiss*

It works great, just make sure you follow the instructions. I couldn’t feel my elbow tattoo at all last weekend


This stuff really anchors your stencil better than other products I've tried. If applied correctly it isn't going anywhere, alternatively is some cases you may want to dab some of the stencil ink off before it dries because it stays really dark and it's hard to get off once set in.

Love it

Love it use it for my Cheyenne hawk pen just still waiting on the power dock

I will never go back!

I got a chest piece over two days. I only got enough tattoo numbing cream for the first day, so for the second day I used some of the cheaper stuff from Amazon…. BIG MISTAKE!!! Nothing else comes close to the level and duration of this stuff! My artist loves it too because I can actually sit still now! I’ve already recommended this to everyone I know!

Great service all around!

Shipping takes no time!!!! I had a little confusion (MY FAULT***) and Francis (?) i believe the name helped me out so much and even gave me 2 day shipping! I recently used it on a underarm tattoo and it worked !!!!!! I was in disbelief.
10/10 will order again!!!!

Awesome machine

Loving my new machine . Super easy to use and change. Light weight , great control and sleek.

Great stool!

I'm a big, tall guy and this stool is perfect for me. Very wide for a saddle seat, good cushion, smooth caster. Also only 64$, great deal!

Definitely works!

This cream definitely lives up to name. It was a painless tattoo session. 100% would recommend this product.