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Perfect for what i needed it for. If 1 thing could be better, it would be poseable out of the box. I was able to insert a frame into it to give more life to it. Will be ordering again

Transfer cream works great.

Extremely disappointed..

Short version: these grips are trash! Cartridges wiggle a LOT on these grips (yes, I use Cheyenne safety cartridges)
Bought 3 boxes of ergo round to go on my newly purchased sol nova unlimited 4.0 what a let down... they wiggle a lot, and I mean a lot. Cheyenne needs to check the diameters/tolerances on these grips because for equipment this expensive, accessories should have perfect fitment. I contacted Cheyenne, sent them a video illustrating my point and all they said was “we’re sorry” lol. Really? Just for comparison sake, the disposable grips for my packer/shader wands from Bishop hold all brands of cartridges perfectly fine, and they are cheaper than Cheyenne’s.
I tried Kwadron and envy cartridges which are the other 2 brands I use and they also wiggle a lot. In conclusion, stick to you factory grip because these disposable ones are utter trash.


Great Needles and great price

Absolutely love the Atom X

The Atom X is the perfect size and simple to use. I absolutely love this power supply.

Best Cartridges Hands Down

Perfect, thats all, you guys are awesome and these needles fuckin rock

Firme product

Exactly what I expected, very happy with it


Came sooner than expected and they are more than what I was hoping for!!! Will continue to buy from this site!!!


Needles inside the cartridge are never loose ( in my experience) super smooth

Great cartridges

I have been using these for over a year and they work great it’s the only brand I buy now

Awesome power supply!

I finally took the plunge after 3 years with a cheaper power supply. I don’t know why I waited so long! You can feel the difference! I use a XionS and Valhalla machine and the power is amazing! I love the shader and liner options for hit. I’m super excited to have this addition.

Awesome cartridges

Awesome and smooth cartridges 👍🏽

Killer drape sheets!

Love these! Super durable, so you don't get lil paper boogers everywhere! Also breathes a bit, so you don't stick to it!

thanks a lot for your help to get the machine on time
many many thanks

Cheyenne halk

Well, bought this for my daughter under Francis's Guidance and she is owning it. We're super appreciate his package. He gave her the perfect basics to start. Thanks so much!

Lightweight and comfortabel

I just purchased this machine a week ago for my new career in Scalp Micropigmentation. The machine is lightweight and super comfortable. I have been practicing for hours and the only thing sore are my muscles from practicing so long. This machine is perfect for my new career and excited to start using it on people.


Reliable machine, fast shipping. Love this!

Best ever

We know the soul nova unlimited is one of the best tattoo machines on the market. But what really stands out is needle parlor’s customer service and the fact that you can call a real person and they give you real answers. They are kind and Pleasant to talk to. this by far is what sets them apart from anyone else.
Thank you.

wireless simplicity

This not my first completely wireless pen style direct drive machine. But, it is the first that I liked. Well, maybe beginning to love. I have used Cheyenne Thunder machines exclusively for line work. But had been switching to another brand pen style machine to shade. That won't be the case anymore. The balance is great and the light weight characteristics of the unit are a big plus. I expected the battery to be much heavier, but I was Pleasantly surprised. The stroke is perfect for my hand style and speed. I have merely to hold it on course and the machine does the work. I have lined and shaded with it and found it equal to both tasks. It also punches color in quickly and with less skin trauma and redness. I like both levels of power constant and pulse. If I had one con to say is what that it was a bit fiddly to get used to switching from the two modes and then getting the power setting correct to where I like it. With having to hold down on the one button and tilt the machine up or down. Have been using it for about a week and a half now and I am getting much better at it. I absolutely love the fact that I can stand, sit, walk around and go in anywhere in my booth to get the right angle on the spot of the tattoo I am working on. The balance means that the machine is Not top heavy or ockward at all. I will buy a second unit down the road.


Love this machine.. its light it runs fast and hard.. the responsive mode is awsome and I love that its a 4.0 stroke..

Works perfectly

It's so easy to handle, my Cheyenne thunder works so smooth and quiet, I love this power supply, very light, perfect for traveling and fits anywhere

Great machine

My first pen machine was an EZ to see if I liked the style. I did so next was a Xion. I liked it but it worked too hard on my black and gray. I then got a Valhalla and i loved being able to switch stroke lengths on the fly, but even at the longest stroke, it wouldnt pack lines and color took forever. The Cheyenne 3.5 lines and packs like my Xion, but the B and G pieces have been healing well, too. Gotta love the wireless feature, ofcourse. The disposable 1" grips flexed too much and stopped holding cartridges. Gonna try the round ones. Shipping was very fast.

Sharps Container

You did a great job.
But I got the wrong size container.
Can I return it?


I bought this as a gift for a tattoo apprentice friend. I was impressed with the life likeness and incredible detail. My friend loved it!

Great cartridges

I like the sovereign round shaders. They work well for color packing, shading and to lay fat lines. Sovereign cartridges are the only cartridges that I use in this price range.