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waay to pimp a ride!

Delighted w/ your product.
Ease of assembly + accurate proportions = high quality.

The fly in the ointment though, was having to wrestle w/ plastic wrapped around to protect the base was integrated into the casters(!/?).
There's shards of plastic still attached now & I'll figure out how to make them disappear.

All this means that I'm charmed enough by your product that I contemplate purchasing additional/similar item(s) & hereby ask that if & when I do, to please not wrap the plastic cover on the base before inserting the casters.


The best

This stuff was incredible!!!

Man Oh Man

This cream is the best 100/10 dint feel a thing !!💯

Excellent needles

Holds ink great.

The perfect purchase

The chair is a stunning organic brown color, VERY comfortable and as far as I can tell made of great lasting quality! It looks vintage but can be used in a more modern aesthetic as well.

Tattoo numbing cream

This was BY FAR the best tattoo numbing cream that I've ever used of all my 18 tattoos. I was a little skeptical at first because every other numbing cream I've ever tried did not work at all. But with this cream, I didn't feel a thing.

Couldn't feel a thing.

I got a large piece on my chest. I applied the cream about 30 minutes before my tattoo and couldn't feel anything. This cream works wonders and I will definitely be buying again for other tattoos in the future.

Very satisfied

I’m glad I got these batteries and they are perfect


Outstanding product, I put on my arm about an hour before my tattoo and I felt absolutely nothing. Definitely will be using again.

Route Package Protection
Tamarera Jackson
I Love It



I bought this awhile back and today is the first appointment I have for some new ink. I was excited to use this because I usually sit for 8-10 hours at a time. I followed the directions put it on the spot wrapped it up. I noticed as I was putting it on it smelled like rotten eggs. I continued on wrapped it after 25 mins my inner arm started to sting/burn. I went with my gut and washed it off and this is what my arm looked like. I know it would work because my arm was numb after just 25 mins but I am not sure if it was supposed to smell like rotten eggs and whatever ingredient that was did it cause this reaction.

Thanks for your review, Tabitha! If using The Tattoo Numbing Co's Signature Cream, please remember to store the cream in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight, and to always spot test the cream on your skin 24 hours before use in case of skin sensitivity or allergic reaction. In our experience, reactions seldom occur, but it's still better to be sure. You can find the list of ingredients on the box. There really shouldn't be a strong stench of any sort though. We were unable to find your order in our system, but please contact us at info@theneedleparlor.com if purchased from us. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

Works great for most of used properly

This has been a game changer for my clients and myself . Works great if used properly and the skin is prepared properly . I have my Clients come in early for their appointment. It’s worth it to have them sit still

Outstanding Product

Was going to get Dr. Numb but i heard everywhere this was amazing so i gave it a shot.... Whoa!!!!! nothing can beat this simply because I didnt feel nothing but the vibration of the needle.... I received a realism hanging boxing gloves on the back of my hand from the wrist to the knuckles... It does harden the area getting tattooed so hopefully you chose a experience artist that knows to go over certain part more than once... The session last 4 hrs and never felt any pain.... Will use this again... And again....lol. SN. Maybe because it was my back hand the reason is was a little hard but the artist kept stating it but wasnt nothing he couldn't handle..... Great product

great stuff.last @ 6-8 hrs.

Game changing

I applied an hour before and wrapped my body in cling wrap. Once I got to the shop I was numb for 9 straight hours. I fell asleep for many of those hours which Gave my artist the perfect chance to grind away.

This stuff is a life saver!

My tattoo artist recommended this when I was going to complete my arm sleeve. It worked amazing! I felt absolutely nothing and was even numb for awhile after my 4 hour session. I will definitely be using this for any future tattoos I receive and I would recommend it.

Knee tattoo success

I had my knee tattooed on for 2 hours and 40mins. Around 2 10ish I would say I was gaining sensation back and by 2 40 it almost felt like my knees sensations were back to normal. For the first two hours though I got my whole knee tattooed and it was glorious. I bought the 0.35 oz and it worked like a charm after I prepped it with 90mins of Cling wrap and some sweatpants over top

Shit is amazing

Got my tat on ribs recently I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it so this tiny investment honestly saved my life and makes tattoos like heaven. Will always be worth the price and seriously feels like I got numbed up at the dentist. High quality product just gotta follow directions.

Great product

this is a great product. I don’t tattoo without it


Awesome customer service…


Im a sissy no lie. I muscled my way through 3-4 hr sessons from the wrist up dying every session. I used this for inner bicept and didnt feel anything but pressure. Best thing is my artist would have had bo idea if I hadn’t told him. Started wearing off about 2 1/2 hours in. Will use this for every future tat! (Pic before 1 1/2 of color)

Great Batteries

Perfect fit. Prompt service & delivery. Will be ordering a couple more for sure!

Definitely works…felt like I had a epidural

It was a game changer will be using it again