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SkinLock Transparent Hydrogel Tattoo Sealant

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Product Description

✯ Preserve your art from the start!
✯ Stops ink loss
✯ Eliminates touch-ups
✯ Replaces traditional tattoo dressing
✯ New packaging allows you to increase the number of uses!

SkinLock is an innovative solution for immediate care of a fresh tattoo that eliminates petroleum-based ointments and secondary dressings by forming a translucent, protective coating that helps promote healing and prevent infection. No need for messy bandages or wraps... all you need is SkinLock for a couple hours.

Package contents
1 x 5 oz Pump bottle of Hydrogel
1 x 2 oz Spray bottle of Sealant

SkinLock Explained

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Sku: CASP01-SL2512
Vendor: SkinLock

Customer Reviews

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James Scott
Not sure I like this as much as most do

Maybe I read the instructions wrong, but it says to leave on for 4 hours and then wash off. Unlike all the breathable films out now that you can leave on for a week protecting your skin from elements like germs. 4 hours, is nice, but after that 4 hours some clients still have seepage and are still prone to infection and germs. I do get that maybe the first 4 hours are important. However, I think the first few days are just as important and if someone with Corona virus sneezes on your unprotected tattoo, you might just have an issue.
I could be wrong about how I read the directions, maybe this stuff does last for days. If so then I will change my review, otherwise I dont see how this is better then products like Saniderm, which isnt my favorite as I have tried other films that work much better with fewer issues. Anyways, if someone can explain to me how SkinLock protects the tattoo during its entire healing process for days and not hours. Then I will change my review and probably even order more of the stuff. As for now, I do not see how this stuff that is washed off after a few hours can protect a tattoo for days.

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