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FK Irons LightningBolt 3.5 Battery Pack

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Product Description

✯ Compatible with most machines that utilize a 3.5mm power plug connector *
Truly wireless and ergonomic design for optimal maneuverability.
Lightweight: Only 2.1 ounces (61 grams)
LED Indicator w/ 3-button control: From here you can check your battery life, pair with devices via Bluetooth, and change voltage.
Battery life: Up to 10 hours. Can charge as quickly as 1.5 hours when used with a proper voltage USB-C power source and USB-C cord.
USB-C port: Charge your wireless tattoo machine in your car, laptop, or from a battery pack.
Even more features: Pair with Darklab app via Bluetooth to receive firmware updates and enable a host of features such as: eGive, voice control, wireless footswitch, & voltage control.

Introducing another addition to the LightningBolt wireless battery line — the LightningBolt 3.5mm.

This new, wireless solution is compatible with most machines that use a 3.5mm input source/connector *, including all current Cheyenne machines. Now there are even more ways to join the Wireless Revolution!

Immerse yourself in art with a wireless tattoo battery pack that turns your tattoo machine wireless

Perfect for the traveling tattoo artist or when attending a trade show, the battery can last up to 10 hours (dependent on usage conditions) with only 1.5 hours of charge time. The LightningBolt 3.5mm operates from 5 volts to a maximum of 12 volts, with the software and hardware working seamlessly together to provide you the best experience.

Only 3 buttons that allow you to check the battery, enable Bluetooth, increase and decrease the voltage, check battery life and turn off/on. LED color indicator lights allow you to monitor your voltage and battery life.

Good things come in small, powerful packages. The LightningBolt 3.5mm weighs only 61g (2.1 oz)

Using an FK Irons / Microbeau RCA machine and want a wireless battery designed to attached perfectly to your machine? Check out the FK Irons LightningBolt!

For all other brands of RCA tattoo machines, check out the FK Irons LightningBolt UNI!

* 3.5mm plug access must be at least 11mm in diameter and unobstructed.

This item includes free standard shipping within the contiguous United States.

Dimensions: 55.25 x 53 x 24.5 mm
3.5 mm Jack Stem: 10¾ mm ∅
Weight: 61 g / 2.1 oz.
Voltage range: 5 V - 12 V
Battery life: Up to 10 hours on full charge
Charge time: Approx. 1.5 hours depending on charger
Charging Port:
USB Type C
Bluetooth enabled:
Package Options:
   - Single LightningBolt 3.5 mm battery pack
   - Double LightningBolt 3.5 mm battery pack (2 units)

** Due to cross contamination issues, and that all Darklab and FK Irons devices are custom built to order, and as such returns are not accepted. All device sales are final. Warranty service for this item provided directly by the manufacturer.

Sku: EPFKL35
Vendor: FK Irons

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