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Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited 3.5 Wireless Tattoo Machine

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Product Description


✯ 3.5 mm / 0.14 inch Stroke
✯ Maximum freedom of movement through cordless operation
✯ Intuitive experience via revolutionary one-button operation and motion control
✯ Minimum 5 hours running time with only 3 hours charging time (at 5V and min. 2A)
✯ New brushless DC motor—powerful with smooth and quiet operation
✯ 2 operating modes: Steady Mode (hit/frequency: constant) and Responsive Mode (hit/frequency: reactive)
✯ An all-arounder. Great for all styles, lining and shading
✯ Wide frequency bandwidth from 25 Hz to 140 Hz
✯ Steplessly adjustable needle depth (0 – 4.0 mm/0 - 0.16 inch)
✯ Keep it clean! Easy-to-cover design and easy-to-clean anodized body
✯ Compatible with Cheyenne Disposable Grips Ergo One Inch and Ergo Round - the hygienically and safely packaged disposable grips
✯ Included accessories: Cheyenne protective case, 2 batteries plus charger with cable
✯ Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)
✯ Designed and made in Germany

With the SOL Nova Unlimited 3.5, Cheyenne has taken its best-selling SOL Nova and expanded it's capability by making it wireless and adding their Responsive power mode.

The functions of a complete power supply unit have been integrated into this wireless tattoo machine, which is operated by a single button. Press the button to turn the machine on and off. The frequency is adjusted quickly and intuitively by holding this button down while tilting the machine.

Like the SOL Terra and SOL Luna, the SOL Nova Unlimited also adds a new additional Responsive Mode, in which the frequency and hit of the tattoo machine react to the surface tension of the skin.

And no need to worry about having to wait for the SOL Nova Unlimited to charge. Each machine comes with two batteries, and each can run the machine for a longer time than it takes to charge. You'll always have a fully charged battery ready to swap in when you're running low!

Tattooing has never been easier, more intuitive or more free - an unlimited experience!

For a longer stroke lengths, check out the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited 4.0 or the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited 5.0.

Depending on your needs and the desired power, one of the three versions of this wireless tattoo machine suits you best:

3.5 - The Generalist - offers the perfect balance between lining and shading and is the all-rounder of this series.
4.0 - The Specialist - guarantees the ideal balance between lining and color packing.
5.0 - The Beast - is just right for those who want to work quickly and be the most efficient. The Beast takes lining to a whole new level.

Stroke: 3.5 mm
Needle Protrusion: 0-4.0 mm (infinite adjustment)
Body Length: 125 mm
Body Diameter: 33 mm
Weight: Approx. 152 g (without battery), 184 g (with battery)
Propulsion: Brushless DC motor
Stitch Frequency: 25-140 Hz
Connection: None. It's wireless, baby.

Package Contents
- Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited Wireless Tattoo Machine
- 33 mm anodized grip (mounted)
- 2 x Batteries
- Charger and cable
- Cheyenne protective pouch
- Manual

* All returns of this item must be unopened and sealed in original packaging and condition. Warranty service for this item provided directly by the manufacturer.

Vendor: Cheyenne

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Worth it,so good

Awesome machine

Loving my new machine . Super easy to use and change. Light weight , great control and sleek.

Sol Nova Unlimited

Fantastic wireless tattoo machine

Ryan Sylvester
Best ever

We know the soul nova unlimited is one of the best tattoo machines on the market. But what really stands out is needle parlor’s customer service and the fact that you can call a real person and they give you real answers. They are kind and Pleasant to talk to. this by far is what sets them apart from anyone else.
Thank you.

Bradford Nugent
Great machine

My first pen machine was an EZ to see if I liked the style. I did so next was a Xion. I liked it but it worked too hard on my black and gray. I then got a Valhalla and i loved being able to switch stroke lengths on the fly, but even at the longest stroke, it wouldnt pack lines and color took forever. The Cheyenne 3.5 lines and packs like my Xion, but the B and G pieces have been healing well, too. Gotta love the wireless feature, ofcourse. The disposable 1" grips flexed too much and stopped holding cartridges. Gonna try the round ones. Shipping was very fast.

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