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Cheyenne Original Safety Open Liner Cartridges - 20X Box

Product Description

Open Liners are new configurations for artists who need rich lines. We call these liners Open because the individual needles run parallel to the tip and are not compressed there, as with conventional liners. They differ from round shaders of the same design by their stiffer needle packages (shorter solder-free length) and more pointed individual needles (longer taper length).

To develop their Open Liners, they set definitions for 5 needle package sizes, each with it's own thickness, and built 172 different configurations to meet these specifications. After extensive testing of all 172 different needles with their artist network worldwide, they refined the sizes down to the 5 best of the best. The result are the Open Liners.

Sizing Chart

Size Needle
Gauge SKU
S 5 10#
(0.30 mm)
M 7 12#
(0.35 mm)
L 9 13#
(0.40 mm)
XL 15 13#
(0.40 mm)
XXL 21 13#
(0.40 mm)


Innovative and patented Cheyenne Safety Cartridges have been setting new standards since 2007. They are sterile, individually packaged, and intended for single use—safe and easy!

Cheyenne Cartridges allow you to exchange needle cartridges quickly, safely, and easily—ready to go in seconds. Switch effortlessly between the 56 different configurations while you're working. The Cheyenne Safety Cartridge System ensures that the needles have much less freedom of movement at the tip, eliminating wobbling and slip-ups, leaving only precision.

The refined design of the Safety Cartridge also prevents ink from running from the needle tip onto the grip or further into the machine, making it a testament to innovation, hygiene, and safety.

Package Contents
- 20 Needle Cartridges

Sku: TCCY21-1005RLO
Vendor: Cheyenne
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Grouping Size
S (5 Open Liner / 0.30mm)
M (7 Open Liner / 0.35mm)
L (9 Open Liner / 0.40mm)
XL (15 Open Liner / 0.40mm)
XXL (21 Open Liner / 0.40mm)
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