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Bishop Power WAND - Full Set

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Product Description

Lightest wireless set up currently on the market when used with the Shorty battery, the Power Wand is only 4.4” and 5.2oz
Compatible with all Critical Connect firmware and hardware – including the Critical Connect Footswitch.
Magnetic connection allows for a 360 degree positioning of the Bishop x Critical battery, and an easy, quick swap if your battery needs to be changed.
The full set comes with 1 Power Wand, 1 Power Wand Battery Pack (1500 mAh), 1 Power Wand Shorty Battery Pack (800mAh), 1 Power Wand RCA Adapter, one 7ft RCA Cord (Grey), 1 Critical Universal Battery Dock (2 battery slots), and 1 6ft Charging Cord for the dock.
American Made using Aircraft Grade Aluminum
One-year manufacturer's warranty


This item is for the Bishop Power WAND Full Set. Also available in a Standalone RCA Version.

Boasting a lightweight, compact design and plenty of power, the Bishop Power WAND is an experience to be had. The magic behind these machines is the precise pairing of custom Faulhaber motors with optimized torque, and their perfect counterpart stoke lengths.

Three models with different use cases are available: Shader, Packer, and Liner - all crafted with premium components:



The Shader is perfect for intricate black and grey work, with a soft motor and 3.5mm stroke, enabling delicate work and multiple passes. Use it to do multiple passes, very fine linework, and anything requiring a softer touch.





The Packer is the ideal all-rounder, with a harder hitting motor and a 4.2mm stroke for line work, color packing, or working at varied intensities. Use it for line work, color packing, run it lower for softer work and higher for bold lines.





The Liner is the specialist for bold lines of 9RL and larger, offering a 5.0mm stroke and hard-hitting motor. Use it for single passes on big, bold lines over 9RL.




    The Power Wand functions with the Bishop x Critical battery for up to 10 hours of power or an RCA cable for extended or low battery sessions, plus it is compatible with accessories such as the Critical Connect footswitch (via Bluetooth with the Power WAND battery pack), disposable grips, and the stainless steel grip. Color coded splines (center ring) tells you which Wand you’re using at a glance.

    This item includes free standard shipping within the contiguous United States.

    Stroke Options: 3.5 mm Shader, 4.2 mm Packer, or 5.0 mm Liner
    Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4.0 mm (infinite adjustment)
    Body Length: With Shorty Battery: 4.5" (115 mm)
                           With Standard Battery: 5.0" (128 mm)
                           With RCA Adapter: 4.3" (109 mm)
    Grip: 30 mm diameter
    Weight: With Shorty Battery: 5.2 oz (148 g)
                  With Standard Battery: 5.9 oz (167 g)
                  With RCA Adapter: 5 oz (140 g)
    Propulsion: Custom-tuned Faulhaber motor
    Connection: Wireless Battery or RCA jack

    Bishop Power WAND Full Set Contents
    - Bishop Power WAND in selected stroke:
         3.5mm Shader, 4.2mm Packer, or 5.0mm Liner
    - Power Wand Battery Pack (1500mAH)
    - Power Wand Shorty Battery Pack (800mAH)
    - Critical Universal Battery Dock (x2 battery slots)
    - Power Wand RCA Adapter
    - 7ft RCA Cord
    - 6ft Charging Cord for Dock
    - Machine lubricant
    - Travel Case

    PLEASE NOTE: This machine, like all other Bishop Machines, is not autoclavable and cannot be autoclaved. Doing so will violate your warranty - we recommend cleaning your machine with cold sterilization techniques with germicidal agents like Madacide, as well as wrapping and bagging your equipment before use

    * All sales final. Warranty service for this item provided directly by the manufacturer.

    Sku: EMBH-PW-FSS

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